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Lash Extensions




View our lash extension descriptions at the bottom of our services list.

  • Full Set

    135 +
    Extensions applied to each individual lash for length and fullness.
    Classic - $135 | Hybrid - $165 | Volume - $190
  • Fill

    75 +
    Only eligible after full set done by C+F lash artist, 40% lash retention for fill pricing
    Classic - $75 | Hybrid - $85 | Volume - $95
  • Removal

    40 +



Classic Lash Extensions

Most natural look, great for adding length. 1 false lash to 1 natural lash. Ideal for guests looking for depth and length. ($135 for Full Set | $75 for Fill)

Hybrid Lash Extensions

A flirty step up from the classic set, great for adding length and volume. mix of individual lashes and lash fans. Ideal for guests looking for depth, length and fullness. ($165 for Full Set | $85 for Fill)

Volume Lash Extensions

All the drama, mega fullness and fluff, great for adding length, maximum volume, and ultimate fullness. One lash fan per natural lash. Ideal for guests looking for dramatic lash look ($190 for Full Set | $95 for Fill)

Lash Fills

Maintenance post full set for any lash look, every 2-3 weeks. Highly recommend booking 2 fills out at a time due to high demand and timing.

*Outside fills welcome with a consultation prior. Cost is dependent on the quality and the amount of the current set. Please note: lash artist may not be able to perform lash service without a removal of old lashes first.

FAQ Lash Extensions

Q: What is the appointment length and maintenance on lash extensions?

A: The initial full set takes about 2.5 hours and required maintenance is every 2-3 weeks for a fill. The fill takes about 1.5 hours.

Q: Can I wear mascara with extensions?

A: You won’t need to! The extensions will offer enough depth and fullness that replaces the use of mascara! If you’re feeling the need to put mascara on, we recommend moving up to a fuller lash style.

Q: Is the application safe on my eyes and natural lashes?

A: the application is safe, pain free and so relaxing, guests usually fall asleep! With proper application, maintenance and homecare, lash extensions are not damaging to the natural lashes.

Q: What is the homecare for lash extensions?

A: -keep lashes dry for 24 hours after lash appointment

-avoid lash curlers, as they can break the lashes

-avoid oil based products including mascaras and eye makeup remover

– avoid direct, intense heat as it can singe and damage the lashes

-wash the lashes twice daily with a lash shampoo to keep them healthy, clean and long lasting!

Q: Can lashes be removed?

A: Yes! Lashes can be removed by a professional.

Q: Can I get lash extensions if I’m pregnant or nursing?

A: The products and process of lash extensions are safe for pregnant and nursing guests. If you have further questions, please contact your physician. Note: Consider your comfort level as you will be laying still and flat on your back for the duration of the appointment.

Q: Can I get lash extensions if I wear contacts?

A: Yes! We highly recommend removing them for your appointment time but you may resume wear directly after!

  • Do not get lashes wet for 24 hours after lash appointment
  • Do not use sauna or tanning bed for 24 hours after lash appointment
  • Avoid rubbing eyes
  • Use only water based eye products, avoid any oil based products
  • See a trained lash artist for removal
  • To maintain healthy, long lasting lashes, cleanse with lash cleaner morning and night

DIRECTIONS: Dispense 1-2 pumps of lash shampoo in palm of hand. Swirl foam with cleansing brush or spoolie then apply to lids and gently brush through lashes. Rinse lids and lashes with water, gently pat try with towel, comb through lashes with a dry, clean spoolie.